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Remote Key for Ford Original 433MHZ ASK 63 3Button 5676-2

Ean: 5676-2

(product like: EAN F:J3F11)


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Product description

Part Numbers

  • OE Part Number 1699827 / 2S6T15K601BA
  • 1699827 / 2S6T1 5K601 BA


  • Ford B-MAX 08/08/12+
  • Ford C-MAX 23/06/2003-23/07/2010
  • Ford ECOSPORT 12/01/2015+
  • Ford FIESTA 21/07/2008-2017
  • Ford FOCUS 03/05/2004-29/07/2011
  • Ford FOCUS 17/07/2006-30/07/2010
  • Ford GALAXY 03/06/2006-08/04/2015
  • Ford MONDEO 19/02/2007-22/12/2014
  • Ford S-MAX 03/06/2006-08/04/2015
  • Ford TRANSIT 30/07/2007-28/12/2013
  • Ford TRANSIT 07/04/2014+

Technical Specifications

  • Number of keys: 3
  • Zedfull Immobiliser-Type: 63 WR
  • Zedfull Immobiliser-Chip: DST 80 BIT
  • Zedfull Immobiliser-Mode: 40 BIT
  • Zedfull Immobiliser-Other: 4600
  • Silca Immobiliser: TEXAS 80 bits ID6F-63 (null)
  • Similar to the original
  • 433MHz
  • For: Ford

Always check before purchasing!

  • The transponder must be trained on your vehicle! Note the type of transponder, this must match the type of transponder in the key!

Note: Please compare your key necessarily with the photo. This is just to the housing without electronics. This you can easily transfer from your old key.

We want you to point out that we have delivered key ORIGINAL no key or housing. The trademarks shown are for illustration only so that you can assign the products better. The blanks you can grind at each key service. Replacement for the old key.

Uncertain whether the illustrated key fits? Send us a digital picture of their old key. Ask us!

Product Photos

Remote Key for Ford Original 433MHZ ASK 63 3Button 5676-2 

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 06 June, 2019.

Cart (registration and verification required)

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