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about us
The German brand "Goso" is one of the leading innovators of vehicle keys, machines and tools, which is established in the Feldberger Seenlandschaft and Berlin. Goso tools are easy to operate and their technical skills, they have become indispensable to many emergency service. Goso Germany GmbH has developed over the years an technological know how, and the knowledge gained has been used to develop new products and to constantly improve their quality. Not only does our staff have sound technical know-how, they are also capability is built on extensive experience gained and we support our customers with vendor-neutral, independent consulting.

The successful use of new, innovative techniques are indispensable to our company, and they incite us to further develop our knowledge and qualifications to the most recent standard by taking part in further training and professional education. With us you find in specialised areas like vehicle diagnostic and transponder technology professional partners, who can answer all your questions quickly and competently and that reliably solve problems.

Goals from Goso Germany GmbH

Existing company is extended which lead to the creation of new areas and new jobs, at the location Neuhofer Str. 1, 17258 Feldberg.

Our company has set itself the goal to further develop our vehicle tools, diagnostic equipment and Car lock systems. Goso Germany GmbH is an independent company specialising in research and development, Production and International Sales with an extensive range of products, including vehicle tools, vehicle diagnosis and vehicle safety technology.

Goso Germany GmbH is a industrial and commercial company that develops, produces and distributes under the trademark Goso own products. In our range of products you will also find produts by renowned manufacturers

Vehicle technology has developed at breathtaking speed in recent years and is becoming increasingly complex. The car keys are replaced with digital tools and modern car lock systems are extended through complex IT solutions that will make the life of people easier and safer. In order to expand this market share, attached considerable importance to further research and development in our products.


Goso Germany GmbH

  • Neuhofer Strasse 1
  • 17258 Feldberger Seenlandschaft
  • HRB 20452, Amtsgericht Neubrandenburg


  • Geschäftsführer
  • Sina Weisbrich
  • Steuer_Nr.: 075/109/03794

This offer is intended for industry, trade, commerce and the professions for use in the independent, professional or commercial activity, all prices in Euro plus VAT.

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