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Goso Car Programmer Zedfull

Ean: Zedfull


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Product description

Technical Specifications

Zed Full is a professional and unique OBD II and clone device for remote controls and immobilizers with the following features:

  • Copy fix and crypto transponders
  • Copying remote keys
  • Eeprom applications for generating transponder data and pin codes
  • Programming remote controls via OBD-II directly on the car
  • Programming transponders via OBD-II directly on the car
  • Read transponder
  • Read remote controls, door openers (hotel, garages) incl. frequency meter
  • Regular Updates

1-copy transponder (key to key)

  • fixed codes
  • ID11 -on T5 (Sokymat), TK5551 (Temic),
  • ID12 - on T5 (Sokymat), TK5551 (Temic),
  • ID13 -on T5 (Sokymat), TK5551 (Temic),
  • ID14 -on T5 (Sokymat), TK5551 (Temic),
  • ID33 - on T5 (Sokymat), PCF7930 (Philips), PCF7931 (Philips),
  • ID73 - on T5 (Sokymat), PCF7930 (Philips), PCF7931 (Philips),
  • ID4C - on EH1 (Silca Electronic Head), EH2 (Sica Electronic Head), TK23 (Keyline Electronic Head), TK24 (Keyline Electronic Head), Z4C (IEA Glass Transponder) TPX1 (JMA Glass Transponder), CN2 (Carbon Transponder) Philips Crypto (based on PCF7935);
  • some ID40 on T5 (Sokymat), PCF7930 (Philips), PCF7931 (Philips), PCF7935 (Philips),
  • ID41 on PCF7935 (Philips)
  • ID42 on PCF7935 (Philips)
  • ID44 (Unlock VAG) on PCF7935 (Philips)
  • ID45 on PCF7935 (Philips) Philips Crypto (based on PCF7936)
  • ID46 on TPX3-TPX4 (JMA Glass Transponder), TK60 (Keyline Electronic Head), TS-46 (China Carbon Transponder)
  • Texas Crypto DST 4D (40 bits)
  • ID4D60, 61, 62, 63, 65, 67, 68, 69, 70 - on EH2 (Silca Electronic Head), TPX2 (JMA Glass Transponder), CN2 (China Carbon Transponder)
  • ID4D64 - on EH2 (Silca Electronic Head), TPX2 (JMA Glass Transponder) -Temic Crypto
  • ID8C - precoded 8C transponder (special Zedfull transponder)

Copy VAG 48 transponder

Copy transponder - 4D - with CN2 / ADX / EH2 / TPX2

2- Copy remote keys

One of the key benefits of Zed FULL is the ability to copy Fiat remote keys with 48 transponders to special emulator remotes. These remote controls are suitable for 1 button for Fiat Doblo, Albea, Punto, Palio (with 48 transponders) and 2-3 buttons for Fiat Linea, Bravo, Stilo, Ypsilon (with 48 transponders)

Copy Fiat 500L with ID46 remote keys

3- eprom and MCU applications

Zed-FULL currently has 233 different Eeprom applications. With Eeprom applications, you can get PIN code or generate precoded or working transponders for the car. You just have to remove the Immobox, ECU or BSI from the car and read out the right Eeprom or MCU.

You do not need a computer because the transponder data or the PIN code of the car is read out or generated with the ZedFull. All details related to the Immobox, BSI, ECU are displayed on the Zed-FULL screen. Thus, Eeprom applications are easier to do. In addition, with the Zed-FULL PC software, you can also create Eeprom applications if you already have an Eeprom and MCU binary hex file.

Program Renault Duster EEPROM remote control

4- OBDII applications

Zed-FULL is designed to automatically extract the PIN code from the vehicle during remote programming via the OBD port. Zed-FULL can program keys and remotes via OBD II port:
  • VAG (Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat)
  • Opel-Vauxhall
  • Renault-Dacia
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Toyota-Lexus
  • Ford-Mazda (Europa, USA, Australien)
  • Fiat-Lancia
  • Daewoo-Chevrolet
  • Hyundai- Kia
  • Peugeot-Citroen
  • Nissan
  • Mitsubishi
  • Subaru
  • Honda
  • Isuzu
  • Chrysler
  • Dodge
  • Jeep
  • GM
  • Renault-Volvo Truck (24Volt)

2008 Mercedes Benz Vito (EZS / EIS W639) key programming via OBD2:

2012 Year Mercedes Benz GLK 220 (EZS / EIS W204-W212) Key programming via OBD2:

5-transponder production

To program a new key for a car, you should use a suitable transponder (for the immobilizer) within the key. There are many types of transponders for the various car models. These can be precoded with just a few basic transponders with the Zedfull to program them via OBD-II. With Zed-FULL, you can make almost all types of precoded transponders with these transponders such as PCF7930, PCF7931, PCF7935, PCF7936, Texas 4D-60, and so on.
  • Typ PCF7935: ID40 Opel, ID41 Nissan, ID42 VAG, ID44 VAG-Mitsubishi, ID45 Peugeot-Citroen
  • Typ PCF7930, PCF7931, PCF7935, T5: ID33 Peugeot, Nissan, VAG, Renault
  • Typ leerer Texas 4D-60, TPX2 (JMA Glas), CN2: 61 Mitsubishi, 62 Mitsubishi, 63 Ford-Mazda, 65 Suzuki, 67 Toyota-Lexus, 68 Toyota-Lexus, 69 Toyota-Lexus, 70 Toyota-Lexus
  • Typ PCF7930, PCF7931, PCF7935: 73 Mitsubishi-Transponder
  • Typ: PCF7936: ID46 (Hitag-2) basierend auf Audi, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Citroen, Isuzu, Peugeot, Hyundai, Hona, Kia, GMC, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Porsche, Renault, Saab, Volkswagen etc ...
  • Typs PCF7935: Mercedes Master Key Transponders of Classes E, C, G to 1999

4D 67-68-69-70 Create Transponder:

6 - old transponder remote controls

Most remote control buttons can only be used once and can not be used for another vehicle if they are already programmed on a vehicle. In the event that some used remote keys are in stock, it would be very beneficial for you to be able to use these remotes again. The only way to do this is to unlock the remote key / transponder. Sometimes unlocking can be done without replacing anything from the remote, but sometimes there is no other way than replacing an IC from the board. The Zed-FULL features will help you unlock these used remote controls to make more money with less cost.

ID46 (Hitag-2) based on Opel Vectra-C 2-3 buttons remote keys: Renault Clio-II, Master, Movano, Traffic, Clio3, mode; 1-2-3 Buttons Remote Controls: Laguna-II Maps, Megane-II Maps; Other remote keys with ID46: Nissan, Honda, Saab can be reused by replacing the PCF7946 or PCF7947 IC on the board and precoding with Zed-FULL.

Some of the Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep remote controls (with large buttons) that have PCF7941 can be unlocked without Zed-FULL by replacing anything from the board. In addition, Suzuki with PCF7936 and Honda remote controls with PCF7961 can be unlocked without replacing anything from the board.

PEUGEOT, CITROEN remote key / transponder coil unlock:

7-PC software, computer connections and updates

However, Zed-FULL is designed to be used as a stand-alone device without a computer. It has a USB2 port and a Bluetooth module for communicating with the computer. When connected to the computer via USB2, drivers for Windows 7 and Windows 8 are automatically installed. The Zed-FULL PC software is used for this.

PC applications:
  • Copy online transponders (eg ID48)
  • Online Pincode Calculation Applications
  • Activations for some time
  • Syncronization applications to load new packages on Zed-FULL
  • Updating Zed-FULL Application Boards

EEPROM applications:
  • emulator unlocked
  • Charge Credits
  • The PC software does not work without Zed-FULL and works only to a limited extent without an internet connection. Once you run the PC software on a computer with an Internet connection, it checks the versions of the device modules and prompts you to update their maps if there is a new update. The update process is easy to use and takes about 2-3 minutes for each Zed-FULL card.

In the future, there will be an Android application for Zed-FULL that will allow you to use all of the above PC applications via your smartphone.

8- Hardware details

  • 7 inch HD-TFT touch screen with high resolution and a wide screen.
  • All the details of the applications are displayed on the screen, such as copying and unlocking the remote, copying OBDII applications, ImmoBox and board images for Eeprom applications, transponder types during transponder production, transponders, etc.
  • Zed-FULL has only one OBD-II cable for all OBD-II applications.
  • Steering wheel holder for the Zedfull
  • Zed-FULL sorts all functions of the immobilizer in one device.
  • Programming immobilizer for vehicles with 12 and 24 volt battery. Trucks can also be programmed with Zed-FULL without additional hardware.
  • With the Zed-FULL test cable, you can also check the voltage of car or remote control batteries. Using the same cable, you can also check the continuity of the cable connections during Eeprom applications or other applications.

9 - Advanced applications

  • Reading KM, Chassis and key information from original EWS BMW remote controls and writing to an original remote
  • Fiat Panda ID46 Pin Code calculation from key (with internet)
  • Nissan Almera and Primera ID46 Pincode calculation of key (with internet)
  • Renault Symbol-Dacia Duster Continental Box ID46 Pincode calculation of the key (with internet)
  • Finding the pincode of keys for ID33 Renault, ID45 Peugeot, Reanult ID4D60-64
  • Hyundai & KIA Pincode calculation of VIN number (supported until 2007)
  • Hyundai & KIA Pincode calculation from key (no internet connection required)
  • Pincode Calculation of Nissan ICU - SEC-BCM ImmoBox Label
  • Unlock Megamos ID48 Magic II transponders
  • Unlimited customer database on the PC software
  • Unlock ID48 CAN bus transponders
  • Tranporder Catalog: With the help of the catalog you can find out which transponder is used for which vehicle in which year.
  • Production of hard-coded transponders (ID11, ID12, ID13, ID33 Renault, Texsas ID4C) from Eeprom data.
  • Reset unlocked 4D-60 Texas Crypto Transponders
  • Measurement of 315/433/868 MHz radio frequencies.

10- Purchases of Zed-FULL

There are 3 different ways to use Zed-FULL applications. For all species, you should first have a Zed-FULL base unit and then choose your option for your business.
  • Credit System: Instead of buying all applications, you can purchase credits to use applications.
  • Buy individual packages or package groups: You can buy the most popular applications for your needs, rather than spending credits each time. For the applications that you rarely use, you can still use the credit system.
  • LIFS: You can buy all packages for a specified period of 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. In this case, you have no limitation with Zed-FULL for each application. In addition, all software updates will be FREE during your subscription period.
  • You can view some of the Zed-FULL applications on youtube from the IEA Zed FULL page or search directly from youtube.

For further questions we are happy to help you.

Product Photos

Goso Car Programmer Zedfull 

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