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Smart Key for Toyota C-HR 2017-2020 433MHz 2T 89904-F4010 ZR699

Ean: ZR699


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Product description

Part Numbers

  • OE Part Number 89904-F4010
  • OE Part Number 89904-F4080 / 89904-F4210


  • TOYOTA C-HR 2017-2020

Technical Specifications

  • Number of keys: 2
  • Zedfull Immobiliser-Type: DST-AES 8A RF430
  • Zedfull Immobiliser-Chip: 8A Texas Crypto 128-bits AES
  • Zedfull Immobiliser-Other: Keyless Go / Proximity, ohne blade
  • Xhorse Immobiliser: Toyota H ID-8A
  • Keydiy: 8A
  • Modulation: FSK
  • manufacture: Europa
  • Programming with: zum Bsp. SmartPro, Zedfull, Autel
  • 433MHz

Programming Method

  • Programming Immobiliser: OBDII
  • Programming Remote: Automatically with immobiliser.
  • Programming from main dealer: Yes
  • without Blade
  • For: Toyota

Always check before purchasing!

  • The transponder must be trained on your vehicle! Note the type of transponder, this must match the type of transponder in the key!

Product Photos

Smart Key for Toyota C-HR 2017-2020 433MHz 2T 89904-F4010 ZR699 

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 02 April, 2024.

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